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Embrace the feeling of freedom in every situation

GoLiveClip, the first activity monitor, alarm button, fall risk analyser and fall detector in one!

The all-in-one safety clip

Fall prevention
and -detection

Alarm button


Keep track of your activity level, have an alarm button near at hand at all times, send notifications to friends or family and receive notifications as soon as your fall risk increases… Safety is more than a feeling: it’s a non-invasive smart clip. Just attach the GoLiveClip to your clothing and it will keep you safe – wherever you go!

Straightforward alarm

Help: always just a push of a button away

If you feel unsafe or in need of assistance: just press the GoLiveClip’s alarm button. A notification will immediately be sent to the contacts you have identified as your (formal or informal) emergency contacts, which includes your exact location.

Automated fall detection

Automatic fall alarm including your exact location

What if you find yourself unable to reach the alarm button?
Even then you’ll be safe. The GoLiveClip automatically registers a falling incident and is programmed to send an alert to your enlisted emergency contacts as soon as it does. Ideal for solitary mountain bike rides – but also very useful if you live alone and feel slightly infirm. A fall can always happen – and usually does at unexpected times and in unexpected places. The GoLiveClip is pre-programmed to transmit your exact location in every alarm notification it sends.

Wear the clip whichever way you like

Personal safety.
Personal style.




Extensive activity monitoring

Keep track of your level of activity

The GoLiveClip automatically keeps track of your movements: the amount of steps you take, your total time of activity, the calories you burn, the distance you walk – and many more variables. The CLIP even measures the difference in “MET-value” of the activity. The GoLivePhone app provides you with a clear overview of all collected information, which can be used as a personal motivator to become more active or to reach certain specific goals. In addition, you can turn on the ‘warning’ function. Your contacts will then receive a notification if you haven’t been active for an abnormally long time, so that they can contact you immediately to see if everything is ok. Safety before everything!

Smart fall risk analysis

Catching you before you fall!

The GoLiveClip continuously measures your movements, so over time it gets to know you better and better. After two weeks, it will know you so well that it can inform you when your risk of a falling incident goes up. As soon as this happens, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. This notification can also be sent to your emergency contacts  – if you wish. It also allows for historical trending analysis to be viewed by yourself and if required by healthcare professionals such as GP’s or physiotherapists.. Prevention is better than cure!

Ideal for hobbies, work, outside and inside

One clip for every situation

The GoLiveClip is aesthetically pleasing, yet unobtrusive, light and very easy to operate. Got an adventurous hobby, dangerous profession or health issues – or have you reached a senior age? The GoLiveClip makes you feel safe and free at all times.

A few good things to know

Additional GoLiveClip advantages

Works on Android and iOS smartphones with Bluetooth

The GoLiveClip communicates with the GoLivePhone app on your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. In the app, you can easily set your preferences: you can choose exactly which activities you want the GoLiveClip to measure and if and with whom you would like to share this information.

Long-lasting battery

Depending on your use, the GoLiveClip’s battery lasts up to three days. The LED-light on the clip notifies you as soon as the battery begins to run low. In addition, you will be notified of this through your smartphone. You can even have your GoLiveClip send notifications to your emergency contacts as soon as its battery is running low.

Wireless charging

The GoLiveClip combines personal safety with optimal serviceability. Even charging the clip with the included charger is incredibly simple: you just place the clip on the device. A mere hour and a half later it will be ready to use again - for days on end!

Splash proof

The GoLiveClip is splash proof, meaning you will have no trouble wearing it if you are caught in the middle of a rain shower – you can even wear it during an actual shower; statistics show that most falling incidents happen in the bathroom after all. Just wear the GoLiveClip on a cord around your neck.