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POSTED April 7th, 2016

Gociety Solutions is joining forces with the biggest smartphone producer in the world: Samsung!

We are happy to announce that we have recently gained the most important ally imaginable in our mission to humanize technology and bring about a revolution in the way we age. As of this year we are joining forces and closely working together with the biggest and most renowned smartphone producer in the world: Samsung!

As the message we have been spreading in the past years – ‘change the health care process, not just individual products’ – is finding more and more willing ears (as is for instance shown by a recent letter the Dutch minister of Health, Welfare and Sport sent to the Dutch parliament), we see that our view that efficient health care should never be isolated but always part of an entire ecosystem of care is also gaining momentum.

The best example of this is Samsungs determination to unify senior care solutions – such as our Gociety Solutions – onto a common communications platform: Samsung KNOX. This clearly shows a shift in attention towards what we think is the most important aspect of these technologies: its users. Bringing these technologies together, we as an industry are collectively ensuring the availability of an overall user experience that is easy to use, secure and part of a senior’s daily lifestyle.

From now on we will be working closely together with Samsung, making sure that our solutions can be optimally used through the KNOX platform. This also allows us to reach a new level of possibilities and functionalities in relation to the Samsung smartphone, which is another leap forward in our mission to humanize technology.

It is great to see how the joining of forces can produce such concrete ways of improving the lives of seniors, by making it even easier for them to take an active role in their personal care, safety and well being. We are grateful for the opportunity to play such an important part in bringing about the aging revolution we have been dreaming of!