GoLiveClip The Netherlands

POSTED May 24th, 2018

From surviving to thriving!

Lifestyle Monitoring used to be the privilege of the few – but new technology makes it accessible to just about anyone. Welcome to the world of positive health care, in which we don’t just care about surviving, but about thriving.

“To understand something and to know how to improve it are one and the same thing,” wrote the British philosopher Alan Watts. His words can easily be applied to our bodies: to understand them is to know what they need. The more we know about our activity, our balance and our diet, the better we can therefore take care of our bodies.

For a long time, however, such detailed information was only accessible to people who had the time and money for extensive monitoring programs, personal trainers and diet experts – but times have changed. New technology makes Lifestyle Monitoring possible for anyone with some experience with new technology; and our simplified designs make sure that even those without experience are not excluded from the benefits of monitored living.

In addition to being accessible to a much greater number of people, Lifestyle Monitoring through the use of personal technology (such as GoLiveClip) reconciles two previously conflicting tendencies. On the one hand we experience the necessity of acquiring the information we need to keep our bodies as healthy as they can be. On the other hand, however, resides our human longing for freedom. Nobody wants other people interfering with our daily routines all the time, but we dó want to improve them and live the healthiest lives we can. We don’t want someone literally looking over our shoulder all the time – but everyone needs a little bit of motivation and support sometimes.

Lifestyle Monitoring technology bridges the gap between these two tendencies, using non-intrusive methods that work in the background. Using the data we acquire through technology like our GoLiveClip, we can reach levels of health we could have never dreamed of – whilst retaining our treasured independence and peace of mind.

That is what makes this such an exciting time to live in: we are transcending the old pathological models, in which mental and physical health care were all about battling disease and disorder. Today, we can take things a step further than curing, or even caring: we can make ourselves flourish.